Welcome to Mental Health Tech

The Emotional Support Helplines Directory app contains a collated list of all emotional support and suicide prevention helpline numbers in India along with their operating times, address and emails.

The data is updated regularly (automatically) as new numbers are discovered.

You can also add numbers of your family and friends in the speed-dial section of the app to reach out to your first line of support.

Helpline numbers can be added to a favourite list and details of the helpline numbers can also be shared with friends and family from within the app via text messaging, email, WhatsApp, etc.

About Us

Mental Health Technologies, is an informal venture by an enthusiastic trio of a developer, a consultant psychiatrist and an academic psychiatrist
with belief in the dream of utilizing technological prowess for advancing mental health.

This is our first app in the ongoing process of realizing our dream. It’s free in it’s truest sense.

Source code is available under the public domain on Github.

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Privacy Policy

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